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looks like i'm getting myself a game cam other then my DSLR
The link

MD80 Mini Camcorder

The Smallest Digital Video Camcorder in the World
With High Resolution Image

720*480 / 30 frams per second / Manually and sound activated recording

- Model: Mini DV MD80
- This is currently the world's smallest camcorder!
- An optical transducer to steal tens of looks due to their size and design that is so strange.
- This Mini DV Camcorder captures video clips in Motion JPEG format at 720x480 resolution
- The Mini Camcorder offers continuous recording of 2 hours with a one full charge.
- Recording VGA clips at 30 frames per second, the camcorder accepts microSD cards up to 8GB in size.
- VOX mode activates the camera when it hears sound about 65dB. Standby time is 6 hours so using VOX mode makes it a really cool spy device too.
- The built-in mic records sound with your video and the files can be played back on windows or mac computers.
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