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Alot of the time when people pop around a corner I point my gun at them and say "mercy"

There certainly have been times where people have come around a corner and we've just stood there with guns pointed at each other for a second or two..

There may have been times where some one's pointed at you can called Mercy... I'm not sure on what XT's rule for "touch" mercies are, so when I'm in a public game all of my mercies are gun pointed at some one with an audible "mercy", but in a private game I'll bring my rubber knife if everyone's OK with it.

Edit: I certainly agree with you that the new 3 lane set-up makes things much more static at XT... It's basically a race for who can get into a defensive position on one of the lanes first and keep enough guys moving to reinforce it... I find that for me it cut down quite a bit on the speed of the game. But it's certainly nice to see something new... I think it could be improved by removing the big gate that's blocking off the entrance to the dark room in the middle, having it so there's only 2 ways into that place makes is a pretty big camp-fest
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