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Originally Posted by Dove34 View Post
As far as Im concerned the first to pull the trigger or say mercy or knife the other guy wins.
The person who is not hit would "win" just as always.

typically , they shoot each other.

it is not possible to "mercy" someone who has their gun pointed at you. If you are playing with mercy rules .. then both players would be out as neither could "legally" shoot there is no way of knowing who would have shot first. AND.. even if they did shoot .. both would likely be hit.

Who got hit first .. may work in childhood tag.. but it is 100% possible for someone who is shot, to in the instant of being hit to shoot back .. HIT is HIT

This is why you should not jump around corners and stand there .. stay in motion.. that way the corner camper has a moving target to hit .. and you will have a stationary one and the chance of mutual hit goes down
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