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Wow dude. It seems like he's always changing his seizure rate statistics. I have no proof of this however I do believe he was saying numbers between 1 and 5 and keeps changing it. And charging for seizure "insurance"? Seems like a bit of a cash grab to me. If he's asking for "insurance" then that reduces his credibility/integrity by a hundred times at least (as if he had any in the first place).

If you can I would really just try and refund the order before CBSA gets a new toy to play with and destroy. Even if you do get it, would it really be worth all that worry and sleepless nights before the package arrives *if* it makes it past customs?

At least you realized something and learnt what we try and tell underaged kids and adults alike all the time, even if the lesson was taught to others and they told you not to do exactly that. Sometimes you need to lose your own money for the lesson to really sink in.
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