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Originally Posted by Etank View Post
... well.. crap.. maybe i should have done some more research. I just bought an Echo 1 E90 from East coast Airsoft ~_~. Well i guess I'll post if it goes through or not. But judging from everything i read from this thread it most likely isn't and i'm going to get screwed for it.

Btw emailed them about it and this is what they responded with:

"To answer your first email; If an item gets seized ,it is gone. There is no recourse. I have shipped 400+ orders and have had two seized. So the odds are that it won't happen. If you don't like the odds, you can purchase insurance. For 25% of the cost of the item,in your case $40, I will GUARANTEE the item not getting seized. That means I will give you a refund if it happens. I don't think insurance is necessary, but we offer it if you feel that you need it."
Seriously, DON'T post if it gets through, as that will just be your lucky day but all sorts of noobs will think that it's proof that that shit site has a secret method (which aside from blowing the customs dudes there is no way they could period)
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