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... well.. crap.. maybe i should have done some more research. I just bought an Echo 1 E90 from East coast Airsoft ~_~. Well i guess I'll post if it goes through or not. But judging from everything i read from this thread it most likely isn't and i'm going to get screwed for it.

Btw emailed them about it and this is what they responded with:

"To answer your first email; If an item gets seized ,it is gone. There is no recourse. I have shipped 400+ orders and have had two seized. So the odds are that it won't happen. If you don't like the odds, you can purchase insurance. For 25% of the cost of the item,in your case $40, I will GUARANTEE the item not getting seized. That means I will give you a refund if it happens. I don't think insurance is necessary, but we offer it if you feel that you need it."

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