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Originally Posted by OptimusPrime View Post
Why are the clear guns from WalMart and other stores dissed so much on this site? I have three (two pistols and a rifle) and they are really fun to play with. They suit my purposes of shooting paper targets and pop cans in the garage perfectly.I do like the looks of the black guns but I don't have the money to buy them from some gunrunner that will charge me twice what he payed for it. I do suspect that most of your black guns got here by less then legal means. Its not like they materialized out of thin air.
Why are they dissed you ask? Because for the most part they are low quality items that usually break with in a short time. As you said in your post, they suit your purpose, however for the majority of gaming airsoft players in Canada those clear low quality items do not suit ours. I would just like to add that all my airsoft guns came to Canada legally when they did in fact appear out of thin air.

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