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All my Glocks were brand new. :/

And I know that no gun is unbreakable but I just wanted a Glock 17 upgraded with metal parts so that I can play with it 1-2 years and not just 1 day

So the loading nozzle of the p226 is made out of plastic? Damn, I'm sick of that plastic parts but I think I wil buy it anyway. As you already said, I can replace it when it breaks.

Well I used green gas on my KWA Glock 26c with metal slide (almost like the KSC one) but it broke twice >.<
and I have heard that the KSC/KWA Glocks are not so good beause the internals break and wear down very fast.
And does anybody know if the KSC p226 is better than the KJW? I heard that the KJW is not so good and I dont want to buy a TM with a plastic slide.

but thanks for the help so far

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