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Originally Posted by waawaa View Post
And I decided to buy a KSC Sig Sauer p226 full metal.
Is it good? Will it break? D:
Welcome to Airsoft Canada, we have other forums like where this question is better suited to.

I don't own a Glock so I cannot answer your questions about the most reliable Glock. It's unfortunate that you had such bad experiences with the TM Glocks as TM is supposed to be one of the most reliable brands. Were your Glocks brand new or already used?

I can tell you however, that no gun is unbreakable and eventually parts will wear down and break on most of them. You should still be able to get a year or two of play without them breaking though, you have some very bad luck. Yes there are many upgrade parts available for every model of GBB, Glock especially and they should prolong the life of your gun if you choose the right ones.

I can tell you, with the KSC P226 - I have seen it with the slide getting stuck and the nozzle cracking. You can replace these parts as well.
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