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"Unbreakable" Glock?

Hi, I'm waawaa from Austria, the land of the Glocks origin and I have a problem with my glock 17 >.<

So, I have bought a TM Glock 17 about 8 months ago and I shot about 200 BB's when I noticed that the slide had two cracks on the two sides at the front and the rear sight broke in 2 halfes. So I disassembled the gun to look if there were more problems and if the internals are ok and while this disassembeling I lost the little spring that makes the loading nozzle slide back (hammerspring?) but first i didnt notice that I have lost the spring and I reassembled the gun and shot about 100 BB's when the gun got stuck. I went to the shop and the salesman fixed the Glock but he had no spring left and I could not play with this gun.

A few days later I bought another TM Glock 17 and fired this gun, well... After 1 magazine the gun stuck. I went to the shop where the salesman fixed this and then I went back and shot about 2 magazines when the gun stuck again. But thats not all... A few minutes later I noticed that on this gun the slide and the rear sight was broken too :???:. I went to the shop and I returned the Glock and got my money back and then I also ordered a new spring for my old Glock. which should have come in November but it didnt. so I ordered it another time and it will probably be here in February. In the meanwhile I bought a KWA Glock 26c with metal slide so it could not break. Fail. After 2 skirmishes the gun broke (I dont know why) and the salesman repaired it and he gave me the gun back. I went to the attic to shoot a bit and after about 100 BB's one magazine broke, the other had feeding problems and the gun itself had a problem with the fire selector switch and the slide stuck a few times.

so I must go to the shop and let the guy there repair the G26c another time but in the meanwhile I wanted to fix and upgrade my G17 so it will not break anymore.

I read this thread here:

and I decided to buy a pgc slide and my question is if it is the only thing I have to change/replace to make my Glock 17 "unbreakable". I read that there is a high quality loading nozzle, a stronger recoil spring and a stronger hammer spring and so on and I wanted to know if i really need these things.
What can you recommend me.
I dont want to make my glock very stonger (maybe a little bit)
I just dont want any problems anymore.

And I decided to buy a KSC Sig Sauer p226 full metal.
Is it good? Will it break? D:

and if there is already a threak like this, sorry i have not found one.

P.S. sorry for my mistakes

Greeting from Austria, waawaa

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