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Originally Posted by OptimusPrime View Post
Well im not 18 so I guess I cant actually play. I hope to get black guns some day. I may even paint my Desert Eagle gold because it would look cool.
There are a few places but they do require a parent present AFAIK.

There's Panther Paintball (you should know where this is), Bigfoot Games (Mission?), NSPB (North Shore/North Van), and one other field that I know I'm forgetting. All you have to do is make a good impression, bring your parents (must sign waiver in front of the admin organizing the game), and not be a snot nosed brat (cause no one likes playing with a spoiled brat or a whiner 18+ included, if you don't make the game fun for everyone else (ie. not calling hits, or otherwise cheating) you may be asked to leave and not be invited back again).

Remember to sand down your gun a bit with some 100 grit paper and use a primer. I painted one of my clearsoft guns that I got as a joke, pics to come later cause it's at someone elses house. I don't know if swatt13 will like it or not though .
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