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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Could you post a Pic with of the area you adjusted with some arrows/whatever?

I think I got what you wrote...but I'd like to be sure.

Congrats. 23 hours well spent!

I just spent $800+ and a whole evening swearing about a new race gun I'm feeling your pain

Ain't hobbies fun?
I've taken the gun apart so many times trying to figure out the trigger problem I thought I had the solution for that I don't want to take it apart anymore for a little while. The beautiful frame is all scratched up along the rails so it hurts to look at it!

Anyway here are other pictures that I've taken from various places to illustrate the work me and my father did.

This unit belongs to a hi capa 5.1. I took the picture from the justpistols review site.


Are hop up units supposed to fit snugly in the other barrel? Even after reducing the slack between the two pieces it still wiggles.

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