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Not to beat a dead horse here, but I'll giv'r a try. They suit the purpose of plinking. THey might get you through an indoor game or two, that's about it. Honestly, I've seen people who now own higher-end guns start with painted clearsoft. But, that was also indoors, not out in the elements. I have a Camo gun, and the reason mine's not "black" is because it would stick out like a sore thumb from under my ghillie. I couldn't even imagine trying to do what I do with a walmart gun. For now, stay in your basement. For gods sake don't go outside with those guns under any circumstances. Save your pennies, read the forum, learn all you can. Once you're 18, get age verified, buy a good gun, and join the rest of us whom God has blessed with the privilege of this great sport.

That being said, make sure as I mentioned, KEEP YOUR GUNS THE FUCK INSIDE! If I hear another story about some idiot 16 year old bringing his crapshit to the mall to show off, I'm going to freak. At that point, I will be flaming everyone under 18 on this or any other site even remotely related to airsoft. I used to wonder why so many people here flame under agers. I understand now, but I'm still of the thought process of trying to lead them to the light, let them make mature decisions. I'm done ranting now, I'll shut up and go back to my video games.

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