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Originally Posted by OptimusPrime View Post
Why are the clear guns from WalMart and other stores dissed so much on this site? I have three (two pistols and a rifle) and they are really fun to play with. They suit my purposes of shooting paper targets and pop cans in the garage perfectly. I do like the looks of the black guns but I don't have the money to buy them from some gunrunner that will charge me twice what he payed for it. I do suspect that most of your black guns got here by less then legal means. Its not like they materialized out of thin air.
They are not "dissed" they just aren't recognized as airsoft as they are in fact crapsoft and not fit for use on the field of airsoft battle

they ARE fit for snot nosed litttle punks that have mommy and daddy to buy them for them to play shootemup in th garage or backyard, but that's not what this site is about so again we don't even bother discussing it as this site and airsoft in general is for mature adults not little kiddies.

Don't have the fund for airsoft? Of course you don't you are a kid, no one expects you to and no one here condones underaged ownership of airsoft either, but don't play sour grapes because you can't afford the nice toys that the big boys can, OMG they got here illegally!!!! (in some cases) thanks Captain Obvious WOW!! We didn't know that!!! You must be some kind of wonder kid or something I swear

yet you admit to wanting a desert eagle, sound like you are bittter that we don't let underaged twits play or condone their ownership of guns, so what was your point again? To cry about how shitsoft is "dissed" on this site?

Yeah boo fucking hoo, go cry to your mom kiddo
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