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Originally Posted by Eclipse1 View Post
wow I forgot completely about this, sorry for not replying to your posts everyone.

I own an MP5, 100% Tokyo Marui compatible. I have already upgraded the hop up on it, so I know my way around the gun. And yes the receiver is cracked, not really threatening to the guns performance, I just can't play with the cocking lever anymore.
Yeah you're kind of SOL even if you were to get AV'ed. I've really only seen about 5 or 6 MP5 receivers in all the time I've been AV'ed (however I was never actively looking for them).

There's not much you can really do other than possibly fixing it with plastic glue (I use this stuff that you can only get from specialty construction stores, such as what I refer to as "The Concrete Store" (it's actually called Universal Concrete)). I'm sure that you can do the same with plastic glue like they sell at Games Workshop (don't go there to get your glue though unless you like the feeling of an empty wallet or you're really rich).
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