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Originally Posted by Shooting Addict View Post
I heard if the airsoft gun shot over 440 fps it was aloud across the border because it could cause serious bodily harm making it a uncontrolled firearm? Or was i misinformed?
Bluntly and in short, yes you were misinformed. The long answer is (from what I understand) that it's kind of in a black-grey area and the odds are VERY against you if it gets to that point. Like a one in a million chance to get it once it reaches that point.

See quote below:

I recently took a shot at trying to ship from the states and of course got held by Canadian customs (and declared prohibited). I've got the option of returning to sender but i need a courier will to ship it. Anyone know of courier?
As you can see slim to no chance of it reaching that point, you might be able to argue it but they just send it to the RCMP to do testing (who will take forever to test) and will probably destroy it after that point if it's deemed inadmissible.

@ Mack: I was under the impression that some fields sell both the .68 and .43 cal paintballs for use with other brands of paintball pistols (ie. Kingman)? Maybe I'm wrong though since I know very little about paintball. Maybe it's not as common but I have heard that some places do that or they'll allow "BYOP" as long as you buy X number of .68 paintballs or give them an extra $X to use your own .43 balls.
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