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A HUGE thanks goes out to my old man who helped me troubleshoot most of it today.

An obscene amount of troubleshooting was done before we reached a perfectly plausible theory. The part on the outer barrel that looks like a hook was bent outwards during the installing process of the hop-up unit and the inner barrel and it created a much larger space than it originally had (between the two). Because there was too much space between them and when the slide was racked whether by hand or when fired, the wobble was great enough to tilt the base of the outer barrel up, thus jamming the chamber area against the lugs on the ceiling of the slide.


1. We re-installed the innards of the upper assembly (slide) and got two thick pieces and one thin piece of wood along with a vise grip. Then I stuck the thin piece of wood between the hop up chamber and the side of the slide to prevent the barrel from rotating, and put the [metal] slide between the two thick pieces of wood. Then my dad took the vise grip, put the lower teeth on the hook like shape of the outer barrel and the top teeth on the thick piece of wood on the left, if you were looking at the slide from an angle where the blow back unit was closest to you. He squeeze the vise until the hook shaped area moved closer to the hop up while I held the two pieces of wood tightly...and eureka! The wobble was very minimal. After racking it a bunch of times and emptying a full mag of BBs it was still moving smoothly.

And there we have it. A stupid installation mistake by me caused me an extra 23 extra working hours on this gun.

Now for the trigger problem... lol. Except this time I can see the problem clearly and know how to fix it.


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