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Originally Posted by RacingManiac View Post
How much material did you remove(if at all) from the bottom of the BBU?
I did not remove any material from the bottom of the BBU.

Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
lol if you racked it a million times, you should see where the wear mark is and see from there.
There are marks... and I think I know what the problem is. At first I thought it was normal until I tested something.

RacingManiac was correct. When the barrel is really far out, it gets stuck. When I push it in or wiggle it while pushing it at the same time the slide eventually makes its way back. But I found it gets stuck 100% of the time when I pull the outer barrel forward while racking the slide. I thought it might be that there was too much play between the hop up unit and the outer barrel but the Nova barrel that came with the kit is nearly identical to the stock barrel.

Edit: Another thing that happens is that when I point the gun directly at the floor and rack it has a 100% sticking rate. Its a gradual sticking. It gets stickier and tighter to the point where it no longer moves. I can remove my hands from the gun and it'll be stuck in that position.

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