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Originally Posted by RacingManiac View Post
Does the slide move smoothly without all the internal? Does it move smoothly with BBU but without the barrel/recoil spring assy?
No, there's something coming in contact with the sear disconnector and I think it has something to do with the BBU. When I use a tiny bit of force to slide it past the point when it gets slightly...blocked or caught by the disconnector then it slides smoothly again. But I don't think its that... or at least I can rack it fine normally with the gun fully assembled. Its when the gun completes the blow back cycle and the slide is returning to battery when the problem arises.

Actually, there was one incident when I racked it back with the mag in and on the first rack back it got stuck before I could rack it back completely. I tested all 3 mags I had, 2 of which were completely new and it wasn't the mags that were the problem. The feeding lip and everything was not scratched.

Edit: I found out that the slide is actually hitting the piece with the little spring on the LEFT side of the gun. When the slide gets stuck it has already gone over the sear disconnector so that is not the problem.

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