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one point slings question

Hi guys,

I now have my guns and my tactical vest. I now have to get a BDU, boots, a sling, and eye protection. with that, I'll be good to go to a game. I am not full equip yet, with radio, hydration pack, and all, but It'll be a good starting point.

I am ok for the rest of these articles, but I need more info about slings. I saw this video yesterday, and I really love that, I'd like to get a setup exactly like that:

YouTube- URBAN-SENTRY One Point Right Hand Demonstration.

I'd like to have the same king of 1 point sling, with he belt buckle to secure the gun in place and all. I love the advantages of a single point sling, that if you have a problem with your main gun, you can just let it go and switch to the pistol. also I like how you can move the gun as shown in this video, you can secure it on the side, on the back with the belt buckle, you can put it over your shoulder, etc. I think its nice and I'd like to hae that...

so hat are you guy's opinion on a setup like that? pros and cons? and where can I get all that? the single point sling, adjustable like his, and the belt buckle, along with the front stap on the gun?
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