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Well walmart is a US owned company, and until the guys down in the states decide to back Canadian products we won't be seeing those products. Also there isnt a large enough profit margin if walmart was to be selling those guns I mean Walmart prides itself on being able to bring you amongst the lowest prices possible, so they'd rather sell a 100$ gun that will break so you come back and buy another 100$ gun etc... and lastly do you really want Walmart to carry cansoft? i mean usually what happens is a under age kid stands in front of the case with his parents and goes "i want that one" parents buy it, and guess what the kids like 15. I had a kid rip open the packaging infront of me and he held it like a "gat" and honestly i kid you not went "BRRRAAAPPP BRRRRAPP" little wanker.

anyways back to the task at hand

We offered you our opinions, I don't know why because you had said in your original post "even if you say no im going to get it anyway" so I find this thread a waste of our time.
And if you had bothered doing ANY research into airsoft on here you would have seen that playing in your back yard is illegal. That the gun your getting is a waste of money, and that if you can't afford better this isnt the sport for you.

thats just my few pennies
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