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DO NOT purchase that set from Canadian Tire, that's $100 completely wasted on a terrible set of spring powered, cheap plastic, pretty much useless and unplayable guns that are worth more like $30 and should just be thrown in the garbage after a week. You will absolutely regret it.

Hold onto that $100, save up a few more twenties for a few more months, and spend $160-$200 on a real airsoft gun.

You can get a decent gas blowback Glock for $160

And a really great for the price SRC M933 AEG for $210

(He's out of stock so get both guns from Ken @
I dont want a gas gun. I just want a gun that i can use for backyard wars, and a war in this small open space in a really small forest. Im not a crazy fanatic of airsoft i just like it alot, but im not going to spend that much money just to have a backyard war with my friends.

EDIT: Plus i only like clear guns with orange tips because i dont want to get arrested or the cops thinking its a real gun.
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