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Originally Posted by AirsoftNewb View Post
even if you say no im going to get it anyway, only thing thats good that i can afford.

P.S. whats a hop-up system?
Please just post with a normal font that's easier on the eyes, thank you.

Most, if not all, of us here will tell you that no you shouldn't get that kit. It's really not worth it and will very likely just break soon after you get it. However, if you're going to get it anyway, no point in asking right?

If you're serious about airsoft, stay away from the guns from Canadian Tire and/or Walmart...they're not really worth the money. Airsoft is intended for those that are 18 years of age or older. You'll notice that some people have "Aged Verified" tags under their avatars. This indicates that they have met up with a local age verifier to confirm that they are 18 years of age or older. This gives them access to the classifieds on this forum where there are many many high quality guns for sale. For more information on age verification, please read these threads:
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For more information on airsoft and buying your first gun, check these out:
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Hop-up is a mechanism in the gun that sticks a piece of rubber into the inner barrel of the gun. As the bb passes through, it comes into contact with the rubber and gives the bb a back-spin. This helps to increase the stability of the bb's flight path to help with range and accuracy.

Originally Posted by OptimusPrime View Post
I could never stop going to WalMart. Its the only place I can get good airsoft guns.
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