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You are in the wrong forum and website.

This is a forum for airsoft guns.

Pellet Guns are airguns.

Go here:

Example of a good Canadian airgun store:

Airguns will not be as realistic as airsoft guns however. While many may be full metal, most have cheap small clips for reloading and do not replicate the real mag and slide functions of airsoft as well. Many do not even have blowback. They also have strange designs like the handgrip comes off to insert the C02 cartridge and BBs are sometimes not even on long clips that insert into the grip but on rotary clips that go into a breakaway top slide that is non blowback. The PX4 Storm you want is by Umarex and has a little blowback but not much and the magazine is a clip that you flip around to reload because it's double sided. Not realistic at all.


Go for a pellet gun if you want something cheaper that's metal and you can target shoot with metal ammunition.
Go for an airsoft gun if you want realism and replica features to real steel guns (working slides, realistic magazines, blow back, etc.) that shoots 6mm plastic bbs that are safe (generally) to shoot other people with.

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