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on the same line of tought, I'd like to do target shooting. My G&P M4 is accurate enough to make a 2" group in my garage... but farther than that, and outside... the accuracy decreases a lot... so I'd like to know what is the general accuracy of pellet guns nowadays, and to know if you guys can recommend me a brand in particular?

I've seen these two:

I'm not too sure if I should go with a .22 or a .177... I suppose that like airsoft, bigger is better... Also I wonder what kind of performance I can get from one of those... and would a scope better than 4x be useful, or does it lack the accuracy to benefit from a better scope?

I also wonder what would be the price of a real steel rifle/pistol... ideally something that shoots some .22LR rounds, as those rounds are very cheap copared to 9mm, not even talking about .45 ACP ... If I go for real steel I'd prefer a pistol, even though I know its more of a hassle in canada to get that license... But I'd like something like a Glock 19, 1911 or Ruger SR9 with a .22LR slide conversion, or something that looks somewhat like a glock or a SR9 (I love these designs), or one that shoots some .22 right out of the box like a Sig P226. However I don't know the price of real steel guns... I think a SR9 is about 700 - 750... but I'm not sure... I guess the other models arent much cheaper... actually I think the SR9 is one of the cheapest in the ones I named...

so if somebody could help me out on that one... I'd appreciate... thanks
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