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Airsoft guns are not intended for target practice. Due to to the ballistic properties of a spherical projectile, they're not really that accurate. They're intended to hit man-sized targets within 50 feet. And the vast majority of GBB guns are 280-320 fps - the safe velocity for shooting a person at that range. For close rangs CAPS shooting, they're quite accurate, but for general target practice, they're not the best tool.

What you're looking for is a pellet gun if you want to have target practice. Umarex make the Beretta Px4 Storm pistol. It's a high quality Japanese made pistol and is a faithful replica of the real deal. It has full blowback action too. The first 10 or so shots from a CO2 cartridge deliver a kick comparable to .22 handguns I've fired in the past. I've yet to find an airsoft GBB that comes even close to this kind of kick. It fires .177 pellets at 380 fps, and this thing is a nail driver. I've owned many pellet guns over the years, and this one is by far my favourite. I'd highly recommend it.

So yeah, forget about airsoft pistols unless you want to play airsoft.
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