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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
300 FPS is fine... why do noobs always want 400 FPS? no field will let you use a pistol over 400 FPS
and there are NO GBBs for 200 bucks CAD
I dont play airsoft or anything wouldnt mind getting into it but not much money. I just want a nice solid metal peice to shoot off that feels real enough I was out west for a bit and I used to always hit up this shooting range and its like one of the funnest things I have done... and whats this age verified im 20 but honestly I dont really like used equipment when it comes to mechanical parts or anything you never know who tinkered with it.

Im looking more at target practice with this gun, also Why do I read some places that some airsoft/bb guns need to be clear at certain parts when I can find regular all coloured guns from canadian retailers.

And is this not a gas blowback or am I tripping?? <200$
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