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Sorry to bring back an old thread but at least its not that old. Decided to post this here instead of making a new thread.

Bought an SRC Gen3 G36K from Ken a little while ago (about a month after he got them in stock.) Great guy, great service, can't complain about the transaction.

The gun itself I CAN complain about...

-hopup didn't work out of the box, tried reassembling it with a new rubber and still doesn't work. Also its non-standard so JG/CA/TM/Prowin parts WILL NOT WORK.
-axle on the spur gear snapped in two after less than 500rnds. Half of it popped out so the gear was running at an angle, stripped my piston somehow.
-pretty much zero airseal. I do a standard compression test and the force required to push the piston is no different than when my thumb is not over the nozzle end.

I am looking into getting a new hopup unit only to find that this thing also uses a non-standard magwel, nozzle, and cylinder head. I now need to order new parts for that as well as the hopup unit and piston. Also swapping out the bearings for bushings since I have never run bushings, even 8mm in a 300fps gun, without having them blow out within 2500rnds (thankfully Modify now makes solid 8mm bushings.)

Other than these two problems with the basic function of the AEG, I am somewhat impressed with how far SRC has come since I worked on one five or so years back. The list of problems with that M4A1 (no idea if it was a gen1 or gen2) was as long as my arm; nothing in it worked right.

Again, this has nothing to do with Ken or 007 airsoft. He is a great guy that gives absolutely A+ service. I haven't contacted him since even if there is a warranty I would prefer to swap to more standard parts (TM compatible) and I figure if he needs to send it away (to HK, Taiwan, whatever) for warranty stuff I can do it quicker myself.

I'm hoping I can swap the hopup, magwell, nozzle, and cylinder head to TM compatible parts and it will work. I hope nothing else about it is weird.

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