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CQB Radio - Episode 10 is out!

Hey airsofters,

CQB Radio's latest podcast is out!

CQB Radio - Episode 10: Lookin' Back on 2009
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word on the Street - Looking back at some ops - what worked/what didn't
- Trick of the Trade with Ox - Keys to Airsofting
- Loadout - Top 5 Gear Items of 2009
- Retailer Review - CQB Radio Supporting Retailers: Where they are, Where
they're going
- Just In: New items to the airsoft world
- Assesment: Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade and ICS L86A2

You can download the podcast off of iTunes or at

Contact us at
We're on: Twitter, YouTube, Skype, and Facebook - all under the name 'CQB Radio'.

Keep on firin',
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