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Imagination land

is the best place to run the game.

before you do it for real ..

A couple of things.

AMMO LIMIT - Critical... people MUST have to think about their ammo .. They need to be concerned about running out because that will affect how they deal with problems

Use the ammo Mag count system or just limit initial loadouts Civilians should have VERY Tight ammo limits so they don't think they are soldiers.. I mean really tight like 100 rounds FOR THE DAY unless they attack and take a specific objective or intercept a drop

Host.. needs to be able to insert himself into the game through issuing orders or providing intel to sides to keep the game balanced and moving.. you MUST define Radio frequencies and monitor ALL radio traffic

HOST does not "play"

Host needs 3 or 4 people to help who can be inserted into the game to provide intel or to cause pressure.

You need to DEAL with issues right away and decisively
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