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You Be The Judge

ok so i was gonna buy something from a seller here on asc. i told him i'm interested in an item and i agreed to pay for it. later i found out that he posted the wrong info for the item and it's not what i'm looking for. i understand the idea of flaking but in this situation, i'm paying for something thats totally different from the description...(which i never agreed to pay for) heres what he sent me.

"As for the misleading description, I send my most sincere and deepest apologies. But as you noted, you were able to find out that I was incorrect, but your research was done post-confirmation of the purchase. I'm not trying to be a dick (i know it sounds like it, I'm really really sorry) but I can't make exceptions to the rule I posted of "flakers get negative feedback". Again, I'm really sorry, but I must adhere to my rule or I will give the impression I'm a pansy. I hope you understand and this will not affect any possible future transactions between us. I will try my absolute hardest to be more accurate with my descriptions."

and advices or suggestions would be nice...

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