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I learned alot from listening to Krusty regarding running large milsims at our large summer game. He had a great system where he oversaw the entire battle and sent orders and objectives to each teams captains. This system works great as you can never acount for everything and unexpected things happen all the time.

You could have the civis helping the CT's and if the game is starting to get one sided then as the game official you send a message to the civis. Tell the civi captain that the terrorists have offered them so much money to help there fight they cant refuse. That would throw a wrench into things and even out the fight. If you notice an area is being overrun way to early you send the winning captain a message stating they must retrieve a info package/ammo drop/something important in a different area of the field so the overrun team can regroup.

Being hands on and directly involved in the running of the game will make the difference between a big skirmish or a full day milsim. I Ran a large game at our field and made some mistakes but I learned alot and got some great advice from smart people. Next time things will go smoother.
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