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Originally Posted by durak View Post
He's using his as a project gun, why pay damn near 400$ when the only thing your keeping stock is the externals.

400$ base gun + 400$ worth of upgrades= perfectly good left over internals and a good gun.

160$ base gun + 400$ worth of upgrades= shitty leftover internals, a good gun, and 240$ still in your pocket.

now you could probly sell those internals left over from the 400$ gun but not for 260$
But then your gun has crappy externals. Whereas if you save up a bit you have better externals on it. And then in the time being (depending how long it takes you to upgrade), you can still use the thing and have it perform well and not have to worry about it breaking down on you (at least not as much as with a kraken..).

Better quality gun to start with means ease of mind, easier upgrading (since upgrades mesh better with better quality guns, since their tolerances are better).
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