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Originally Posted by fuyutime2 View Post
id rather save up for a g&g. seriously. a kraken costs about $160. and a G&G costs about $380. shure, its twice as much, but id reather not get a kraken and just go with a G&G. and the things ive hearde about the krakens. i had one for a while, but sold it to my friend. cuz i didn't want it breaking down on me. the thing i heard was somehting about 50% of krakens failing withing the first 2000rounds.
He's using his as a project gun, why pay damn near 400$ when the only thing your keeping stock is the externals.

400$ base gun + 400$ worth of upgrades= perfectly good left over internals and a good gun.

160$ base gun + 400$ worth of upgrades= shitty leftover internals, a good gun, and 240$ still in your pocket.

now you could probly sell those internals left over from the 400$ gun but not for 260$
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