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Originally Posted by rustysniper View Post
1. Got shot in the chin and the BB got stuck up under the skin...had to pry it out and it must have taken 3 months for the wound to heal completely
2. Running for cover in a hale of BBs into a bunker and did not duck enough....scalped myself...18 stitches
3. Had a shale ledge I was standing on break off...fell about 6 feet onto another piece of moss covered shale....slashed my elbow open for another 6 stitches.

The hazards of playing in rugged woodland terrain with hi FPS outdoor guns...
How is that Number 2? That's seriously disgusting, I think I might become a chairsofter.

On topic...Nothing bad yet, worst would probably be tripping over a root, falling on my face and gun, cracking the reciever. A little faster and it probably would have snapped in half.
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