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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Due to some stupidty on my part I am now in possession of a few thousand crap bb's

Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I only wish it was $20 worth of bb's.
okay, lets define the word "few". In my mind, a few will be under 10. but lets say that a few can go up to 20 for you... So you now have 20 000BBs

now you say they are crap bbs. so they are cheaper than good BBs, otherwise you would buy good BBs due to the price being equivalent to good BBs.

now, my bag of 1000 BBs (good BBs) cost me 6$. 20 000 BBs would be 120$... but then since they are crap, they probably go for half, if not 1/3 of the price... so between 40 and 60 bucks. Now, you want to buy a crap gun to shoot them... lets say you get a crap gun for 50$(very, very crap). those guns will probably break before shooting 20 000 BBs, so it will take you 2 or 3 guns, so a total of 100 - 150$ worth of guns. now add the price of CO2 (I don't have a clue of how much it'll cost in CO2 to shoot 20 000 BBs, lets say 25$... probably won't be cheaper, will probably be more.).

so it'll cost you 125 - 175$, and probably a tad more to shoot 40-60$ worth of BB's... My advised would be to just take your loss, try to sell them or keep them for nades and launchers for when you'll have the money to equip yourself... Then you save up your money... buy a good gun, and some top quality BBs if you don't want the BBs to destroy your good gun.

anyway shooting BBs with a 50$ gun is probably not really fun... shooting 20 000 BBs would be just plain boring... not only will you waste money, you will even waste some time... and if you really are short on cash, which I perfectly know how it feels, I was super short myself for a while untli a couple weeks/months ago, then buying crap guns to shoot crap bbs won't help your case. You should just save as much as you can and reduce your expenses as much as you can so you are not as tight as you are now... I just finished paying my credit card completely this morning, and it feels soooooo good... all those savings I had to make for the past year finally paid... now I owe nothing to VISA, and the money will start stacking up in the bank account as it were a couple years ago
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