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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post

Check tracking for my new toy thismorning, and this is what I get:

05:54 BARRIE Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up.

WHO THE FUCK delivers a package at 5:54 AM???


For me, it UPS that sucked big time... I had a package delivered to me.

it didn't come in the day it were supposed to. the next day, I waited for him, looking through the window since I know approximately at what time the pass (they always pass at the same time), then the truck came in like 2 hours later than it usually does... So I go by the buzzer to open the door and wait for the guy to ring... he didn't rang...

I go downstairs, and see my neighbor going back in his appartement, nothing in his hands... and see the truck accelerating through the main door's window... So I ran like crazy and get to the truck in no time... I say where do you think you're going with my package??? he says I don't have time now... tomorrow! So I said if you dare touch that gas pedal I jump in the truck, through your window!

So he stopped for good and explained to me what happened... he said well I rang and you didn't answer... so I don't have time, I'll come back tomorrow.

So I said no you didn't ring at my house dumbass, you rang at my neighbor's address! Look on the package Einstein! its written 9457... you rang at the 9455... you learned how to read back in the days, right?

So he was like oh yeah, my bad bad, I may have rang at the wrong address... okay I'll give you your package...

I was soooo pissed! he was already 24 hours late... and he wanted to keep it until the next day because he rang at the wrong door... incompetent dumbass... And the guy works in Montreal and could barely speak french... God I was pissed.

but for your trouble: I'd prefer that the guy come in at 6 AM and then bring the package at a post office near you over what happens at my place... the pass aroung 3-4PM... so when you are not home, which is the case in most days since we all work and are not home at that time, then the package is only available on the next day at the post office. if they come in a 6AM, the package should be available in the same day... So I'd prefer that at my place, so I could just go to the post office right away when I see the delivery card when I come back from work!

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