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Quality Equipment is important in Airsoft. More important is the player using it. I own many brands of guns and gear. My Favorite airsoft experiences Have not been who I shot and with what gun. Instead I have allways enjoyed the knowledge of owning people with lesser gear and experience.
My favorite kills have not been with a TM, CA, G&G or JG. It was with a rubber training knife. Cost $20.00. Regardless of a players gear, nothing speaks louder then the actions of said player. I had a new player sneak up on me in an outdoor game and put a round in my back with a cheap Canadian Tire pistol. He was so pumped, I dont think a $600 full black gun would have made that kill a better experience.

IMO. Both the terms Elitist and Noob can be equally frustrating. Who decides when someone is no longer a new player (noob). In the same way, when does a player become a Seasoned/knowleged player. I think both of these terms can be taken differently depending on how they are said and in what way. I was Called a Noob by a player that has about 4 years more experience than me. At the time I had been playing for 2 years, run a field, repair minor AEG problems and host games. This was a little hurtful to me. Had I not earned my way and payed dues like all other players. I think there will allways be a small percentage of people that look down on someone who has less experience then them in any subject. We all must remember ourselves when we started out in a new hobby. I am sure we all asked dumb questions at some point in our lives.

We dont need to post answers/opinions to questions if we dont want to. If we answer a new players question and they dont like the answer then just leave it at that. Calling People elitists is silly but could be avoided by ignoring the person and not trying to push our own opinions on people that dont want them.

I think we should remember that all we are giving new players is opinions. If we had a automobile forum and a new driver asked what car he should buy, All he would get is opinions. Some will say buy Chevy, Some Ford while others will say everything thats not BMW is Sh*t.

If a new player hasnt read the hundreds of threads about "which gun should I buy" I say let him buy the cheap crap and let them learn on thier own. We shouldnt have to give these opinions on whats good and bad. Mostly every gun has been covered in this forum, especially beginner guns. People not taking the time to research a gun on this site dont deserve my time typing them an opinion.
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