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Our current round of laws have forced the re-education of everyone in Canada, from the long-time gun owners to the gun haters. Since 1989 when the gun control debate began, we have bred a generation that has an inate fear of guns, and ignited a fear in those who would otherwise be ambivalent. This was an engineered strategy right from the get-go, it was no accident. Any reasonable person knows that simple regulation is not sufficient to alter a society, you need to sway the "hearts and minds".

This excerpt is many years old:

In most contexts, it is not possible to ban firearms except those that have little practical purpose. Regulation is a compromise approach to allow products that are inherently dangerous to be used under certain circumstances. Regulations reduce casual gun ownership by increasing the barriers to obtaining firearms.
From here:

This is the reason we have the strict regulation we do. It has nothing to do with guns, but everything to do with forced "re-education" of the populace to abandon a "gun culture" because it's too much hassle. Anyone who thinks the antis are fools is an idiot. They are 20 years ahead of us, and we are playing catch-up.

Now, the reason that the gun control debate still rages in this country is that the rhetoric of public safety recited for the last 20 years has proven to be wrong, costly and backwards in the progress of a free society. During that same time, we have seen gang-bangers convicted of murder get little to no jail time, and our justice system has become a revolving door system of rampant mitigation.

In this atmosphere, do we think that we are going to be allowed more gun freedom? Anyone who thinks so is dreaming. What needs to happen is a complete upheaval of our society. Bill C-391 is going to die in committee when an election is called next fall. The upcoming prorogation of Parliament is going to restart the committee clock and set it back until fall of next year before 3rd reading at the earliest. It will not even make the Senate and will die.

This means that our current laws are going to remain where they are. Is gun control going to be an election issue? You bet, but not for the pro-gun side. The anti-gun crowd is going to use it as a wedge issue to try to prevent a Conservative majority. What does this mean?

It means gun control is here to stay. We are 20 years behind the 8-ball and playing catch-up against a generation of anti-gun lies, official social engineering in the name of public safety and outright media-driven fear-mongering. To get the "silent masses" to sway to our banner is going to take more than simple facts. The Auditor General's report on the costs of the Registry were made public in 2002, and we heard a whisper of discontent. It was redelivered in 2006, and only slightly more of a whisper. Why has it gained traction now? Only because there was a slim chance of it being undone, nothing more, nothing less.

The right of property doesn't exist in Canada. We can argue freedom all we like, but when the public sees freedoms give way everyday in every area to the tune of public safety, guns are not going to get any more free to own or use in Canada, that is a promise. Society has regulated rather harmless "weapons" for decades, the truly "dangerous" ones like guns are going to get more regulated (or rather, the exceptions to illegal possession granted us as a privilege now will disappear) instead of less.

So, the argument of the right to possess weapons (guns or otherwise) is moot. It is NEVER going to happen in the conglomeration known as Canada, ever.

If anyone wants serious change in this area, the pro-gun rhetoric MUST be ramped up to make it an election issue, more important than the environment or the economy. Those items will come and go, but basic rights are an eternal issue. You think I use rhetoric, wait until the debate over C-391 resumes or we have an election call.
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