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Originally Posted by Twin#1[Op-for] View Post
Well your not even 18, I sure hope you don't have debt already
Woohoo, this again.

What confirmation do you have of that? I'm 19.

This should be fun.

If you're going to freak out, take it to PM. I don't want you to pollute the thread.

If your argument is that I'm not AVed, its not valid, as you aren't either.

I show ID at retailers, to individuals, and at games. Until recently, I have had a bum ankle and have been pretty much immobile. I am not gaming because of the injury, although I plan to start CAPS soon. I will show my ID there.

It's not as though if you're 18, an AV tag magically appears beside your name. You have to seek it out.

I do not need access to the classifieds right now, and I certainly don't need to prove myself to twats like you, so right now, it's not a priority. Once I start gaming again, or need access to AV retailers, then the situation, along with my priorities, will change.
God is a /b/tard.

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