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yes gun registry is pointless, no banning firearms will not put an end to gun crime.

the fact remains tha most guns used in crimes by criminals were smuggled into the country, right under the nose of our ever vigilant government. a ban on firearms will not stop this from happening all it will do is take something intended for the purpose of sport from a responsble person, make them a criminal. criminals will prob not see any stricter sentancing for bringing illegal weapons into the country, or using them. a registry will force quiet respectfull owners like myself to be scrutinized by law enforcement, while the criminal with a full auto is about to shoot up a mall or a highschool, with a weapon that is allready outlawed in canada, as full auto firearms should be to ANY non military yes police this is you too, you dont always practice resonsible firearms ownership. handguns were made with the intent to be concealed for the purpose of an attack that is all. totally abolishing frearms in canada is rediculous if the criminals still have them, i would expect it would not be unreasonable for the responsible, i lock my gun, keep it safe, educate those around me, and keep them safe. ignorance is the main issue here, gun control is an oxymoron in itself, firearms are allready illegal to most people, further restrictions on the people that step out into public eye and say yes i own a gun here is how and why, register me! is rediculous, that will never solve criminal activity nor would completely banning guns, poor education on the subject, or rather we should look at the individual situation and stability of those in question. perhaps some people need to ask themselves, if a criminal comes int my home threatens my family wth a gun d i not hae the ability do defend myself wth reasonable means.... well the answer in this FINE country of ours is NO you do not, and if the anti people have their way you wouldnt have so much as a pee shooter to plink targets with. the fact remains that although a gun is not a weapon untill used as such like aything thhe hot button here seems to b e a car.

in reality without education anyone that sees something fre a projectile from a tube, without proper education can see no purpoae but to use it to kill another animal human or otherwise, perhaps tha is our last primortal instict still instilled within, animals kill eachother. we are animals taking one tool will lead to the creation of a new tool, far more deaths occur because of alcahl than anything else, we dnt see a movement to abolish booze, do you really want a nation tha cant defend it self anyway, i dont.

guns dont kill just like knives dont kill, unstable people kill people. people will kill eachother, you unfortunately cant stop that.
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