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Originally Posted by GabeGuitarded View Post
What PROS have to do is get past the whole "whether or not a gun is a weapon" argument. The answer is YES, they are weapons, but we also have the right to possess them. THAT is what should be argued for.

The argument in western society is that .. seeing as we have the rule of law, and police to enforce those laws, Citizens no longer have any need for weapons. And because they are considered inherently dangerous we should be content to have them all locked away for our own good.

Which seems like a good idea on the surface, However .. in our society there are people who do not subscribe to the rule of law.. and operate outside of those rules putting everyone in danger. and they allow themselves to be armed.

The police are virtually powerless against such people. Our Government is in a state of conflict between the goal of a safe society and the protection of it's citizens.

Laws restricting ownership and carry of weapons is not anything new.. since there have been modern societies with the rule of law there have been rules about carrying weapons in public.

I'm certain I don't want to live in a society where I NEED to carry weapon just to make it home from work.

But as a law abiding citizen in a free society I think I should have the option to carry a weapon that is effective against a worst case scenario that experience and history proves is possible to occur.

Make me take courses, make me register MYSELF ( not my guns ) .. make me maintain that registration.. Give me the option.. Let me choose
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