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Originally Posted by chronic View Post
IMHO, I think a closer analogy would be Alcohol rather than cars as cars by themselves are critical to the functioning of our society. Alcohol is not. Yet, you do not need a license to purchase Alcohol. Its curent application is purely an "entertainment" based beverage. Cannabis has arguably equivalent if not better health applications than Alcohol.

I think in a civilized society there should be licenses for everything
1. childbearing: so people like MJ cant be allowed to procreate
2. alcohol consumption: so people like mel gibson cant drink
3. voting: so people who voted david miller arent ever allowed to vote again...
4. weed: so people like jerry seinfeld can continue to be funny (at least to the people who are smoking it..)
You're one of those liebral arent you? Licensing will lead to registeration, registeration will lead to restrictions, which will lead to prohibition. What happen to the INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? you should just do a registery of people who can't get those stuff. And NO, DON'T EVER EVER try to take away people's freedom and rights. We don't want to start a dictatorship like Britain and Austrialia....

man I thought when I immigrated to Canada I could gain more freedom and rights...turns out the people is going down the slippery slope...Time to find another country... US? ugh hate their healthcare...Norway? They don't allow immigration...Switzerland? Ugh don't speak the 3 languages they use...Ugh man there's no where to go...good bye cruel world!
back on topic, The only reason we ASC want to push for licensing of airsoft guns is simply were in the bottom of the hole already we (Airsofters in Canada) wants to go back up the slippery slope which we slip thru from completely OK to nay in 1998
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