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Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
All I can say is Cars are used purposely for more crimes AND cause WAY more accidental and purposeful deaths than any replica guns ever. I think they should be focusing on banning whats really dangerous first
IMHO, I think a closer analogy would be Alcohol rather than cars as cars by themselves are critical to the functioning of our society. Alcohol is not. Yet, you do not need a license to purchase Alcohol. Its curent application is purely an "entertainment" based beverage. Cannabis has arguably equivalent if not better health applications than Alcohol.

I think in a civilized society there should be licenses for everything
1. childbearing: so people like MJ cant be allowed to procreate
2. alcohol consumption: so people like mel gibson cant drink
3. voting: so people who voted david miller arent ever allowed to vote again...
4. weed: so people like jerry seinfeld can continue to be funny (at least to the people who are smoking it..)
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