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I really don't understand why you're talking down to us Mcguyver, when your argument isn't how the law works. You're arguing from your own normative possession, we (Brian, Morb, myself) know where you stand but am pointing out how the law actually work.

Originally Posted by Criminal Code of Canada
"weapon" means any thing used, designed to be used or intended for use
(a) in causing death or injury to any person, or
(b) for the purpose of threatening or intimidating any person
and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, includes a firearm;
Essentially, there are two types of weapons in the Criminal Code,
1. Designed as a weapon (guns, swords, knives, etc)
2. Used as a weapon (more about the intent of the user)
Both are equally valid weapons, but some like to argue/believe that only Number 2 should exist. Not the way the law works.

Finally, as far as the Criminal Code is concerned, using a piece of wood whittled to look like a Glock makes that piece of wood a weapon results in the same offence as using an airsoft gun. Using a pellet gun, though, is much more severe.
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