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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
...Stop right there and go no further, you obviously have no idea how the Criminal Code works.

The Criminal Codes does not set out its definitions based on the assumption that the item in question was involved in a crime. It defines things for what they are, and despite what some people believes, does not set weapons out to be evil.

If you walk into a liquor store with a piece of wood whittled to look like a Glock and demand money, you will be charged with armed robbery. If you walked in with a Marui M92F and shot the clerk, you would face assault with a weapon charge, even though the airsoft gun is not a weapon without the overt act of assault.

If you walk with a cane but proceeded to beat the hell out of a jerk who cut into line at the ATM, you would be charged with assault with a weapon. I have seen nowhere in the CCC that specifies a cane is a weapon unless its use falls within the provisions of a defined criminal action committed with it.

Start wrapping your heads around it people, it ain't a weapon unless it's used as such. A knife in my pocket is legal and is not considered a weapon. If I pull it out in any manner used to threaten, harm, kill or intimidate, it becomes a weapon. How hard is that to understand?
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