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I used to carry a 249 as my backup pistol, but i was tired of having to arnold the damn thing so i sold it.

The trick is getting the guns tied down so they dont swing around and smack into everything. As for Mags, Who needs spare mags when you can just carry EVERY gun and steal the mags off your victims?

Lol Seriously though. Nothing wrong with bringing more than 1 gun to a game, i usually bring 2-3 primarys and 1-2 pistols. But you dont need THAT many guns on the field. 1 Primary 1 pistol is more than enough.

As for Mags. Depends on your style of play. When i use Assault rifles, i tend to use very little. 2-3 50 rounds can do me for a while. When using SMG's, i take every mag i can get lol.

If you want practicality. Your much more maneuverable with 1 primary 1 pistol than with multiple guns. If you were on my fireteam during a milsim, anything you could not secure firmly Id tell you to lose. Last thing id want is a teammate blundering around 50 meters behind the fireteam cause hes snagging on everything and making a huge racket.

Mind you if this was just a skirmish, id say bring it lol. I know a few people who field like 5 pistols just for shits and giggles.

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