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Originally Posted by LastSpartan View Post
Hello people,

I'm looking into starting a patch run for a bunch of friends.

Based on this screenshot

I want to make an accurate patch of the MNU logo. I've vectorialized the logo but 2 questions persits.

1) What is the size approx. of a patch like this? I'm thinking it is similar to Police or swat patches. ( This one seems a bit smaller also.

2) Is there a website offering this service that is better than another? To me, an embroidery wouldn't look amazing. I was thinking of a photo patch either sew-on or velcro.

Thank you very much.

EDIT : Forgot to add, I don't mind minimum orders, I plan on doing a 20 patches-run.

I used this site:

Friendly service, excellent communication and no minimums. They took a rough drawing and made it into something beautiful.
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