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Originally Posted by Oborous View Post
Dude, calm down. Read here, you're already protected. You put something like that in your thread and you're going to get alot less respect.

An MP5 is not really built to be a wooded area weapon, so you're probably better to go with the all-black for the resale value. That being said, black is pretty easy to spot, especially with the long linear lines of a gun when you're trying to hide.

You could always use a few real world products to help conceal you.

Camoform tape I've used it, and didn't like it... YMMV

Suppressor Cover I like this one, because how many people are even going to realize what you have there and why...

Ghillie Wrap But, it can hang up on things and be a PITA.

The kid is 13. He's prone to getting his feelings hurt.

Anyway, I've used the camoform before on my CA M24 a few years back, and to be honest, I found it to be very effective. Since its a fabric it's not exactly reflective as a camo paintjob would be on a rounded surface (Rifle).

That, and having the bonus of not worrying about a ghillie wrap is nice, nothing to get tangled or anything. Then again, I used mine over a bolt action rifle so it didn't seem too out of place. An mp5 would seem a bit strange if wrapped up like so.

If anything, The color is just up to you, Green could be a bonus, sure. But you won't exactly be using it for another five years from now I hope. Camouflaging guns in my opinion is only useful if you plan to conceal yourself in a stationary manner. If you're going to be running around and gunning ,there is no real purpose of having camouflage as its hard (Not impossible) to conceal yourself at the ranges you will be engaging people at.
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