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You mean IRL or airsoft? In airsoft, whatever works.

I'd like to go out with this though:

VSS Vintorez (Loved that gun ever since I started playing Army Ops (Yes I played when it was still called Army Ops but haven't played since AA 3.0 came out))
MP5K/Mac10/Uzi, basically any easily concealable, easily wieldable "machine pistol" in case SHTF.
Lots of mags for the rifle and machine pistol in the place of a pistol.

EDIT: My airsoft setup is:

M4 (main)
Pistol (secondary)

I have another backup pistol in case something happens but I don't have a second primary though; which is something I'm looking at purchasing in the near future and will probably be a cheapo clone that I can do some work on and hopefully works if I ever need it.
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